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_mee_ wrote in reservedemarche
Из серии "забавное". Музыкальный блог Mostly Post-rock поставил EP от Reserve de Marche такую же оценку, что и свежему альбому God is an Astronaut - 8 из 10.
Взгляд на музыку у рецензента тоже неожиданный:
Reserve De Marche, a Russian post-rock band from Moscow, recently released their first demo for their upcoming album. Their music is an interesting mix of traditional post-rock and innovative post-metal, with heavy focus on the bass guitar as the main instrument. This combined with the guitar and amazing drummer creates a mysterious sound that's featured throughout the album. Every minute gives us a new twist to ponder about. This album was very special, captivating and enchanting, to say the least.


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